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BeBopAlu Launches Website

Posted by Judith Alu on

BeBopAlu Website Launched in Time for Celiac Awareness Month!

It seems fitting that our BeBopAlu website is launched just in time for Celiac Awareness Month.  In the seven years since my son was diagnosed, I am amazed at the increased awareness about Celiac Disease, gluten-intolerance and other autoimmune diseases.  It’s wonderful that so many more restaurants have gluten-free menus, that I can get gluten-free pizza from a half dozen places within a 5-mile span of my home, that more products are visibly labelled “gluten-free ”and that I don’t have to solve the mystery of whether “modified food starch” contains gluten quite as often as I used to. 

But we have a LONG way to go.  There is no known cure – other than a gluten-free diet.  Too many restaurants are happy to charge more for their gluten-free items but seem annoyed when you explain you have Celiac and ask them to ensure the gluten-free food is prepared correctly. 

It is my hope that more gluten-free versions of favorite foods increasingly become available.  Most of all, I hope that people without Celiac or gluten-sensitivity become more aware and therefore, more accommodating to those with who must eat gluten-free.  Maybe they’ll see it’s actually pretty easy to provide a gluten-free option similar to what everyone else is eating.  And, it’s OKAY to ask questions if you’re not sure.

With Celiac Awareness Month almost here, I hope that I can personally continue to increase awareness about Celiac.   Just because people have to eat gluten-free doesn’t mean they all like the same things to eat.  I hope that by offering many gluten-free choices for our themed BeBopAlu Boxes, gluten-free foodies get to choose exactly what they want!

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